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Specializing in Electronic Medical Records Implementation - Epic, McKesson, Cerner

The Gallagher team fully understands how to implement a successful EMR initiative.  Gallagher Associates has a proven record in the health care arena providing implementation, project management, design, budgeting, planning, cutover/command leadership, training & go-live leadership. Our extensive experience working on implementation team for Epic, Cerner Millennium, Soarian and McKesson encompassing Inpatient, Revenue Cycle and Ambulatory. This multi-phase process is best executed by professionals with years of implementation experience coupled with hospital leadership; coordinating, managing& facilitating your implementation along with working closely with the vendor is essential.  Our specialty is Enterprise Implementations, multi-hospital systems.  Gallagher has work hand and hand for two decades with hospitals and healthcare providers to ensure a smooth transition to new systems. We understand firsthand the challenges you will face during your new implementation. 

Gallagher will provide tailored, cost-effective consulting to facilitate a robust and successful implementation.  With over 18 years of experience we understand the elements of a successful implementation and our seasoned consultants stand ready to provide your complete EMR solution.


The Gallagher team is committed to providing you excellent consulting services.




Recent EMR Implementations include:


·     2018 St. Joseph’s Regional Medical ; Multi-hospital Millennium

·     2018 Virtua Health; Multi-hospital; Epic

·     2017 WellSpan; Multi-hospital; Epic

·     2017 Englewood Hospital; Epic

·     2016 Guthrie ; Epic

·     2016 UPenn; Epic

·     2016 Cooper Revenue Cycle; Epic

·     2016 Memorial Health; Epic

·     2015 Bacharach Institute for Rehab; MedHost

·     2014 Atlantic Healthcare Ambulatory; Epic

·     2014 Saint Peter's; McKesson

·     2013-2016 St Joseph's Regional Medical; Multi-hospital; Soarian

·     2013-2015 Queen/Elmhurst Hospital; Multi-hospital; Epic

·     2012 Akron Children's; Multi-hospital; Epic

·     2012 Catskill's Regional; Epic

·     2012 Cooper University Ambulatory; Epic

·     2011 Orange Regional Medical; Epic

·     2011 Mount Sinai, NY; Epic

·     2011 Tampa Regional; Epic

·     2010 HUMC Phase II; Epic

·     2009 Hackensack University IP, ASAP, Willow and Stork ; Epic

·     2008 Cooper University IP; Epic


Our specialty is Enterprise Implementations. Holding roles that include:
Implementation Director
Training Manager
Instructional Designer/Principal Trainer
Go-Live/Cutover Director



MP900422593[1]Specializing in Microsoft Office Training – Trainers are Microsoft User Certified

We have trainers that focus on: See detailed Course Offering

·     Office 2010

·     Office 2013

·     Office 2018


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Professional Development is an essential piece of keeping an employee at the peak of his/her workforce skills. Gallagher Associates, Professional Development has a firm belief that employers must be dedicated to a continuous plan of workforce development. With the rapid changes in technology and society over the past decade even well qualified, seasoned employees must maintain their proficient professional edge. We further believe that effective employee's are life-long learners. Professional development activities must complement both the needs of the employee and the goals and objectives of the employer. As the standards of the professional and technical workforce have changed it is fundamental that employers provide employees with the proper tools to remain productive, functional, critical thinkers in our society.




rombul1a     Qualifications and Experience

Gallagher Associates has been providing professional development services to hospitals and corporations for over eighteen years. Loretta Gallagher, Owner & President has an undergraduate degree in Finance/ Economics and a Masters in the Art of Teaching (MAT).  The team holds multiple certifications in Epic applications and is Microsoft Office Specialist Master.  Gallagher Associates has had the pleasure of working with the Cooper University Hospital, Hackensack University Hospital, Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Saint Peter’s University Medical, Mount Sinai, Morristown Memorial, Overlook Hospital, Orange Regional Medical, Tampa General, Kessler, Atlantic Health Care, Englewood Hospital and many more.



rombul1a     Teaching format

Gallagher Associates will provide EMR and Professional Development workshops to corporations or institutions on-site. Ideally students will work in collaborative motivating teams. Workshops will include techniques utilizing multiple intelligences and learning styles to provide employees with effective models of production.



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